Brits increasingly concerned about credit card fraud

It has emerged that Brits have become increasingly concerned about credit fraud, with fears of falling victim to fraud hitting an all time high according to a . people were polled by the communications company Connected World, which carried out the research. Almost two thirds of those taking part in the survey said they were concerned about becoming victims of this sort of fraud.

Around 62 percent of people that were surveyed said that they were worried about the security of their personal data when they were using their cards for . In fact, 42 percent of those polled said that they had been put off making a purchase as a result of being so concerned about the security of their personal data when .

The survey results also showed that 71 percent of did not feel at ease about giving their credit card details to a in a call centre. Many people are nervous about this sort of activity because of their own in the past, and out of those that were surveyed around 27 percent said that their fear was fuelled by past experiences.

The results of the survey showed that 88 percent of consumers wanted to be able to use phone based payment systems which would mean that the person that was handling their call would not be able to see the cardholder’s personal and account data.

One said: “Credit cards can be invaluable to those that want convenience and ease, but you have to be careful with your account details and you should always make sure that you do all that you can to protect your data from disposing of statements safety to only using your card on secure and reputable websites.”

Brits increasingly concerned about credit card fraud

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