More than a fifth of outgoings being put on credit cards

It has been revealed following a recent survey that in the UK are putting more than one of their outgoings on their . The research was carried out by Sainsbury’s , and the results showed that men tended to put more of their outgoings on to their credit cards than women, with men putting 22.6 percent of outgoings on credit cards, and women putting 19.7 percent on their cards.

The results of the research also showed that around 24 percent of those with a credit card spent nothing on it for a month. An from Sainsbury’s Finance said that it was important that people used their credit cards responsibly and sensibly. He added that there was plenty of competition in the market now, and this meant that consumers would be able to enjoy getting a better deal on their credit cards.

He stated: “There is a lot of competition in the credit card market, so there are some very attractive propositions out there. Shoppers need to make sure they are making their card hard for them and are getting a reward every time they shop.”

Warnings have also been issued to shoppers that are planning to use their credit cards online over the festive season, with officials urging them to take care not to be careless with their credit card details or using sites that are not secure. A campaign was recently launched by the UK Cards Association, which was called Be Card Smart Safe, and this is designed to provide consumers with information and advice so that they do not fall victim to credit card fraud and identity theft, which has become an increasingly serious problem.

More than a fifth of outgoings being put on credit cards

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