Sound Credit Card Debt Advice

Many of us have been burnt by credit cards and credit card debt. Advice is varied on what to do about it now. In fact, the reason for this is that credit card companies do not want you to know, they want to continue to milk you for all that you have. But credit card debt advice is not difficult and should be out there. Here are a few bits of credit card debt advice to help you out from behind that stack of bills.

The fact that credit card debt advice is not taught in high school is a shame. Certainly, credit cards are more prevalent in everyday life than chemistry or algebra. Here is what you need to know about credit cards, from a basic level.

Credit cards are an agreement. Essentially, a line of credit is given to you from a bank or lender. This is your “max” amount of credit. In return, this serves as a ‘loan’ of sorts, and you are expected to pay back the full amount, plus interest. When you don’t, you obtain credit card debt.

So how do you get rid of credit card debt? Well, the first thing that you need to do is stop using them. Altogether. At all. Next, you need to prioritize, and in some cases, change how you are spending money. You need to be spending less than you are making, sometimes a lot less to get out of credit card debt. Consider getting a second income or cutting costly monthly luxuries, such as cable, or frequent dining out. It is imperative that you take this monthly difference or surplus of money and apply it, directly and in total, to your credit card debt.

When faced with multiple credit cards, this is the credit card debt advice I would give. Put in order the credit cards according to largest amount of total money owed. Pay the minimum monthly balance on all of the cards – except for the one with the smallest total balance (note: this might not be the same as the lowest monthly payment). With this amount, you pay off as much as possible each month until it is gone. Once it is, this money goes to the second smallest total balance (including the monthly minimum you were paying before), until that is paid off as well. You keep working your way up. What this does is improve your credit score as you pay off your credit card debt. Advice good enough for anyone.

Sound Credit Card Debt Advice

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